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Get to know the #gangontheroad (Gang On the Road) feeling, a luxury vacation in the companionship of your four-wheeler, where you give yourself over to the joy of driving, where women and men take part in this adventure together bonded by their passion towards sport cars.

Perla and Zoli are working as a teacher and an entrepreneur and they both love sport cars. They both have been participating on different international car meetings, races, car tours for years, when they made their dream come true and organized the very first car tour setting off from Hungary, the Gang on the Road event, which combines the love for driving with a summer luxury vacation.

Gang tour

7 days, 6 nights, luxury hotels, beautiful cars, admirable landscapes and towns, relaxation on the beach, night parties, breath-taking views and amazing sights. All this in the company of fantastic people who might become your friends in the end. Everybody is driven by their passion and admiration towards cars, but this adventure also offers different programs, locations and sights that will all give the members of the tour a new and great experience.

After the first successful event, you can get ready to the next unforgettable Gang tour setting off this year with a new route ahead of us. The 2020 Gang on the Road Car Tour organized by Perla and Zoli will be filled with even more exclusive locations and more glamour. Driving through Monaco, Monte Carlo, Nikki Beach, Fairmont Hotel, Rimini and San Marino we reach the city of Amalfi, where a visit of the volcano of Mount Vesuvius makes the tour even more unforgettable and complete.

Join the Gang on the Road Community and we guarantee you one of the most prominent tour of your life!