About Us

I would like to say a few words about Us, thus making it possible for you to get familiar with the organisers of the #gangontheroad event, who as a couple dared to dream big.

Zoli graduated as an engineer and in 1997 he launched his very own company, which is a successful business up to this day.

As a person who loves technology, he has always been interested in innovation, so he dove deeper into the ocean of possibilities. He managed to plan and manufacture a speed and airport display, which became famous all around the globe. You can find these LED displays in different big cities of the world, for example in London Heathrow Airport, Washington DC, Berlin, Iraq. When he was younger he managed to build an officially recognized Polski Fiat 126 cabriolet based on his own design, which is still in his property and working well.

No wonder, he is so into the world of cars.

Perla has always wanted to work with children, so she chose to be a teacher and she is still working as one. Her very first car was a Polski Fiat 126 which made it possible for her to experience the feeling of freedom. Even though she could not drive a fast car, it made her fall in love with driving. She has always loved and she still loves to drive in the sunshine with the windows down, while listening to some music. When she bought her first sport car, a Mercedes AMG GTR, she admired it with childlike admiration. On the other hand, she was also scared a little: “How would I keep this beast in control?” According to Perla, her hands were shaking when she first started her new car.

Her husband, Zoli, took his own car to the 2019 tour, a Lexus RCF, which is an another amazing sport car. The PERLA-1 set out to the 3000 km-s long challenge with 2 women on board. Perla as a driver, and her friend as a co-driver took the road to keep pushing their boundaries. According to Perla, this was one of the greatest experiences of her life. Taking control over a 600 hp beast is not an easy task, however, sometimes this power needs to be let free as well.

We are both from a small town, thus building and nurturing human relations were always among our priorities. We believe that no matter what hobbies and professions you have, you will always need your family and friends to fully enjoy every moment. We are lucky, because we love cars and driving is a hobby for both of us. We were driven by this passion when we contrived this GOTR family. We consider it very important that our organized tours are not only about driving in a gang. We need to live through this experience as a big family on the road.